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Orthopaedic Science

Proper gait posture & movement

Orthopaedic Science deals with the well being of the locomotor or musculoskeletal system.
The primary goal of this domain of science is the endless movement of the body. That is why the motto of the European orthopaedic society concludes “life is movement and movement is life”.

Orthopaedics for a better life

The contribution of orthopaedic surgery is immense in human life extension leading to an unprecedented increase of life expectancy that has been achieved during the last decades. Older or younger people suffering from severe joint degeneration or rheumatic disease arthritis who were not able to walk some years ago now are able not only to walk but also to participate in a wide range of activities and have a rich social life. The application of modern orthopaedic techniques and implants play a vast role to the amelioration of their health status and the decrease of comorbidity factors.

Dr. Kosta Dretakis M.D Ph.D  is  a  Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Hygeia Hospital.  He is  Greek British and American educated doctor who is expert on hip knee foot surgery arthroscopy hand surgery and osteoporosis. Dr Dretakis is ready to consult you and help you diagnose and treat your orthopaedic problem with the most innovative and modern available worlwide.

The groundwork for all happiness is good health

We are leading the way by not depending on luck but by trusting our experience!

With the excellent students from the European University of Cyprus at the Hygeia hospital.

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