Hip Fractures

Dr. Kosta Dretakis is a specialist physician in hip fractures
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Hip Fractures

High Specialized Medical Care

Hip fractures are one of the most dangerous and life-threatening medical conditions which affect people over 60 years old. 18000 patients in Greece sustain a hip fracture and 25% of them or 4500 patients are losing their life from this medical condition and its complications.

Furthermore, there is an increase of 3% of new hip fracture cases every year in countries of the western hemisphere due to the increase in life expectancy. Hip fracture is an osteoporotic fracture and patients are considered to have immediate need of medication for their bones regardless of bone density measurement or any other test.

Dr. K. Dretakis PhD Head of the Robotic Orthopaedic Department at Metropolitan Hospital and his team can provide highly specialized medical care for this very special group of patients. One of the very important principles according to the international guidelines is a surgical intervention in the first 24 hours when possible.


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Hip Fractures & Rehabilation

After the operation, our focus is the administration of fluids minerals vitamins and antiosteoporotic medication. Then the coordination of the specialized doctors and therapists during the hospital stay and finally the scheduling of rehabilitation at a rehabilitation unit is of immense importance for the hip fracture patient. Even the most complicated cases and patient with significant comorbidity could possibly have a much better outcome when all the above mentioned aspects are considered.

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With the excellent students from the European University of Cyprus at the Hygeia hospital.

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