Hip – Knee Surgery

The tremendous increase in life expectancy during the last decades and the increase of ageing population are exposing a big part of the population to osteoarthritis.

This is a degenerative conditions of the joints that drives patients to lack or restriction of mobility. Replacement of joints that don’t function began at the early 60s and hip and knee arthroplasty has been considered at those times a true revolution. Since then there is so much progress every single year that no one could ever imagine.

We can now offer solutions for most of the joints and completely new techniques. Newer techniques for joint replacement are extremely efficient and have great advantages. The joint replacement techniques that we offer are cemented and cementless implants, minimal invasive, resurfacing, unicompartmental and robotic assisted hip and knee replacement.

Dr. K. Dretakis M.D Ph.D is a qualified joint surgeon and one of the very few in Europe trained to perform makoplasty the robotic assisted joint replacement that is considered an extremely revolutionary surgical technique..