Stem Cells

Cell cultures for orthopaedic use
ορθοπεδικός αθήνα

Stem Cells

Antiaging - Growth factors

The cell cultures in orthopedics have started in the 80s with the chondrocytes cultures and placement in cases of big cartilage defects.

Today the stem cell research has advanced so much that stem cells are already cultured then are engineered to have a specific action and at the end they are injected at the site needed. In cases with neurologic problems the first results are encouraging in our hospital. In cases with orthopaedic problems it is still early to say but many different studies are showing preliminary good results.

Our team in Hygeia Hospital is at the very front line of stem cell research and is attached to famous universities and cutting edge companies.


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With the excellent students from the European University of Cyprus at the Hygeia hospital.

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