Osteoporosis - Fractures

Dr. Kosta Dretakis is the Director of the Center for Osteoporosis and Metabolis Bone Diseases
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Osteoporosis - Fractures

Fight Musculosceletal Aging

It is less than forty years since we have completely realized the significance of nutrition and calcium in bone health.

It is less than thirty years since we have realized that peak bone mass is achieved at the early third decade of life. It is only twenty years ago that the first efficient treatment for osteoporosis has been invented. But who could have imagine that today there is a safe treatment for bones that can increase bone density and strength up to 10% in a year.

Osteoporosis is the well known disease where bones tend to fracture because they lose their mineral content and become very weak. Osteoporosis is a true epidemic the last decades and one in every three women at the age of 60 has a vertebral osteoporotic fractures that can lead to kyphosis and shortening of stature In some cases osteoporosis is accompanied by sarcopenia which stands for impaired neuromuscular activity because of weakness.

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Osteoporosis - Fractures

The complications of osteoporosis and fractures are very severe. People who suffer from hip fracture which is directly related to bone strength have a 30% mortality the first year after their fracture. The main goal of the osteoporosis specialist is to prevent bone loss and fractures and also to track down the bone metabolism with blood tests and tune up the bone regulation process.

Dr. Kosta Dretakis M.D Ph.D is an osteoporosis expert and a qualified researcher who can give you all the right advice in order to help you maintain healthy bones and an optimum neuromuscular condition.

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With the excellent students from the European University of Cyprus at the Hygeia hospital.

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