Arthroscopic Surgery

Minimal surgical repair with the use of a small camera and special tools
ορθοπεδικός αθήνα

Arthroscopic Surgery

Can be used for almost every joint

Arthroscopic Surgery is also known as key hole surgery. It is the surgical repair with the use of a small camera and special instruments. The incision for Arthroscopy is 0,5 cm. Arthroscopy is a word of Greek origin. Arthrosis is the joint in Greek language and the word scope is coming from the word vision in Greek.

αρθροσκόπηση ώμου
αρθροσκόπηση γόνατος

Arthroscopic Treatment by Location

Meniscus Tear, Anterior Cruciate Rupture, Posterior Cruciate Rupture, Cartilage Injuries, Localized osteochondral defects, Patella instability, Early stage of knee Osteoarthritis

Impingement,  Rotator Cuff Tear , Labrum defects, Instability, Early Stage  Localized Arthritis.

Lose bodies, Early stage localized Arthritis, Osteophytes, Osteochondral defects.

Labrum defects, Impingement hip syndrome, Marginal osteophyte excision

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