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Life is movement and movement is life

Orthopaedics is the science focused on bone joint and muscle strength and function. Part of our wellbeing is freedom of movement. Social life is so much easier when we have the ability to move.


Orthopaedic Science

Orthopaedics is the science of  proper gait posture and movement. Humans have the privilege to be bipeds. Weight bearing joints like hips knees and ankles suffer from lifelong  loading. The goal of every orthopaedic surgeon is to preserve and maintain bone and joints and to fix any problem that would obstruct body movement.

Robotic Surgery

Greece is among the  three countries in Europe that can offer robotic orthopaedic technology. The American made high tech system manufactured by STRYKER MAKO is the only available robotic system for orthopaedic use in the world. Knee and Hip replacement can be performed today with the use of robotic arm technology but more applications are about to come up soon for use in other joints. Dr k.Dretakis is a certified Robotic Orthopaedic Surgeon and Trainer and the founder of the center of excellence for Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery in Athens Greece.

Hip – Knee Surgery

The unprecedented increase of life expectancy in the Western world during the last decades leads increasingly a large portion of the ageing population to osteoarthritis. This is a degenerative condition which is affecting the weightbearing joints and can only be treated with joint replacement or arthroplasty. Today our armamentarium is full of new tools. Robotic Orthopaedics, Minimal Invasive Techniques, New material for implants, Muscle sparing techniques.

Osteoporosis – Fractures

Life expectancy is longer than ever nowadays.  Human bones and joints are exposed to time and ageing more than ever in the past. The orthopaedic scientist should find ways to promote skeletal health at any age. Fractures are a sign of bone malfunction so it is not enough to fix them. We need to find the reason and prevent any new fracture.

Hip Fractures

Hip fractures are fractures that have major complications. Patients who suffer this type of fracture have very weak bones and need not only fracture fixation but also special medical care for their bones. Treatment of weak bones has improved the life of older people and can decrease drastically fractures. Dr K.Dretakis is a hip fracture specialist and a researcher in this special field.

Modern Foot Surgery

Foot is well known to be the part of our  body that reflects our health status. Men and women often say that they are attracted by neat and healthy feet. Far more important function and adaptation of our feet in every terrain and every shoe is preserving our knees, ankles, hips and spine. Modern foot surgery can help us straighten toes and give back the perfect anatomic shape of our feet which is very important.


Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic Surgery is joint surgery performed with the use of a camera which is inserted in the joint with a very small incision. Special arthroscopic tools are used in order to fix any malfunction of the joints. Those days almost every joint of the human body can be fixed with the use of arthroscopic surgery. Meniscus and Cruciate tears cartilage fragmentation or tendon repair are some of the common problems that can be treated with the use of arthroscopic surgery.

Hand Surgery

Our hands and fingers can sometimes have serious overload that could lead in restriction of movement or malfunction of the hands. Overuse syndromes and hand  injuries are frequent . Common hand conditions like Carpal tunnel syndrome, Trigger finger, De Quervain synovitis, Du Puytren contracture, Mallet finger  are the most common hand problems and can be treated with the most modern hand techniques.

Stem Cells

Genetic Engineering has been a great scientific revolution of  the last 20 years. Today we can collect stem cells from bone marrow or from fat tissue. It is possible to cultivate and modify stem cells and then inject them back again where regeneration is needed.  Magellan system and BTI products are a part of the latest  technology that can offer a one stage procedure. Apart from stem cells an alternative tool for treatment with very good results in cases of persistent inflammation or post injury conditions is the injection of PRPs which is an injection based in products from our own platelets.